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Movie: Secret Royal Inspector and Joy Season 1 Episode 14(S01E14)

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Secret Royal Inspector and Joy

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 14

Episode Title: The Day Park Tae Seo Was Born

Air Date: Dec 21, 2021

Language: Korean

Subtitle Language: English


Yi Eon’s grandmother continues to pressure Yi Eon to marry a woman she chooses for him. Yi Eon resists until the day he leaves for Ganghwa Island in order to catch Park Tae Seo. In the market, Jo Yi runs into Seung Yul who now works as a lawyer. Seung Yul sincerely tells his feelings for her with a gift that Jo Yi wanted to have years ago. Meanwhile, Park Tae Seo finds out a secret about his birth and falls into a state of panic.




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